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Andrea has worked with me on numerous and varied projects for over 15 years and is without doubt the best graphic designer I have worked with in my career. She is commercially aware, highly visually creative and is as equally bright with words as she is with design.

-Ginny Naish, Marketing Manager, Provectus Developments, UK

For 16 years, as owner and director of companies in various market sectors, I have worked with Andrea. A very creative person, she uses her imagination with a brief. She is the most efficient and thorough designer I have had the pleasure to work with. She is incredibly flexible, conscientious and reliable and always willing to do that extra bit.

– Neil Hesketh, Managing Director, Spanish Approach, Spain

Andrea has a keen ability to understand her clients’ needs and to turn a complex idea into a brilliant visual. She is so quick, and is someone who embraces her clients’ projects as her own, going through numerous iterations to ensure accuracy and completion. A pleasure to work with, you almost feel that she is in the office right next to you!

– Doha A. Melhem, Director, Government Consulting, Pivotal Research, Canada

WE LOVE WORKING WITH ANDREA! We never feel nervous about making changes… she’s always so upbeat, interested and willing to help us make things the best possible. She’s quick (and that makes us happy because we usually need everything by tomorrow). She follows up and asks questions, and works to make it all happen. We are extremely grateful and feel so lucky to work with her.

– Karen Anderson, Founder, Director of International Training, EPES Foundation, Chile

We’ve worked with Andrea Carter for many years, creating a unique and consistent design vision for our reports and other materials that fits our organizational identity. We’re consistently impressed by her efficiency, responsiveness, and creativity, and have recommended her to other organizations looking for a designer who can help them develop their own visual identity.

– Kevin Thomas, Executive Director SHARE, Shareholder Association for Research & Education, Canada.


Designer, Andrea Carter has many years of experience working with companies across a variety of industry sectors and not-for-profit organizations, including several with global reach. She has lived and worked in Canada, Europe, the UK and South America and she enjoys the experience and cultural idiosyncrasies.

In 2014, she settled in Santiago, Chile where she currently works remotely for a list of international clients. Her long-term working relationships are a sign of the success of her collaborative approach and her creative, yet practical process. She believes that design is an important investment, that it is not the end in itself, but rather an important means to an end. As she sees it, her job is to advise and take initiative. And for the design to have real impact, it must accurately convey the client’s personality and intended message.


Andrea Carter, graphic designer


And then there’s the question of Bertha Clark. Who is she? and what does she have to do with anything? Well, basically, she’s the agony aunt. 

Bertha Clark is a fictional, behind the scenes muse who imposes a certain pragmatic logic to projects. She leaves traces of her existence in the form of a pair of retro eyeglasses and sometimes  by dropping her left shoe – one of a pair of practical walking shoes, always pointed north. 


Working remotely from Santiago, Chile

Working remotely from Santiago, Chile

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