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Following are samples to explain the logic behind the designs and in some cases, to indicate further branding considerations through select pages of the corresponding branding manuals.

Logo design – Detroit Pizza London

Detroit Pizza is the ambassador for authentic Detroit-style pizza in London, UK. They wanted their logo to call up the nostalgia of Motown and to provide a reminder of their authenticity, and fresh, quality ingredients on wild yeast sourdough crusts. Designed into the logo was a further mark of authenticity –that the pizzas are baked in Detroit blue steel pans.

It is important to point out that Detroit-style pizza is served in squares and not as slices from a round. Therefore, photos are top-down view and cropped to emphasize crusty, caramelized squares.

Calls to action and highlight elements follow a retro look and feel.

Branding-Detroit Pizza London 2
Branding-Detroit Pizza London 3
Logo design - YWCA

Swiss-based World YWCA is the global umbrella for national organizations and they wanted an update, in keeping with youthful, national organizations. The challenge was to recreate the logo, the main elements of which (a triangle and circle) were constrained by the bylaws. Converting it to 3-D and adding colours helped give the symbol new life. The use of colourful ‘ribbons’ embrace the triangle element, representing not only inclusion but engagement and warmth.

The next step was to design a bold colour palette to allow for diversity and flexibility. To help solidify the brand, colourful flowing ‘ribbons’ (an idea rising from the logo) – was employed to sweep across spaces and superimpose over images.

Branding-World YWCA1
Branding-World YWCA3
Branding-World YWCA2
Branding-World YWCA4

GaitQ based in UK, is the developer of a discreet, wearable device designed to help people with Parkinson’s reduce hesitation when walking. The result is a more regular, sure stride.

We created a symmetrical logo that represents a balanced, confident stride. The bold yellow and black logo can be reproduced in different colours, to provide flexibilty. The concept is accompanied by the idea of musical footwear and complemented with icons that represent instruments. For more, see the Campaigns page.

GaitQ concept image4
GaitQ concept image5
GaitQ concept image2
Logo design-Rootz

Rootz is a specialty wine tour company on Spain’s Costa del Sol. They required an earthy feel for their logo where grapes were naturally represented in the flow of the text. The circles, of course represent grapes, growing up the vine, from the root of the plant, and if inverted, it can be seen as a small cluster of grapes on a stem.

Logo design - Hotel Santo Cristo

Hotel Santo Cristo, an old church in Marbella, Spain, was being renovated as a boutique hotel. The logo needed to tell the story of the building, hinting at its unique origins and architecture. For more on this, see the Print page.

Logo design - Giggin' for God (G4G)

Giggin’ for God – g 4G logo was designed to brand Christian musicians’ guitar straps, drumstick bags, hats, shirts, decals, etc. The logo needed to be simple but obvious because it targets a specific consumer niche.

Logo - giggin for God-decal
Logo design for Canucks

CANUCKS logo was originally designed to be used as a tattoo. It’s a take-off on the Canadian flag and incorporates the idea of flying, as in the Canada Goose. It also adopts some of the forms from British Columbia Native art style.

Working remotely from Santiago, Chile

Working remotely from Santiago, Chile

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