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This page contains page-flip versions of brochures and reports, allowing you to browse through the documents from beginning to end.

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– UK –
This Kent-based property development company works with Living Works and Designscape Consultancy brands. This brochure was designed to subtly combine branding from both companies.

– Spain –
This Spanish-based property development firm wanted to showcase their development in Calabria, Italy. The logo design was the first step in the process, followed by careful image selection and map layouts.

Hand in Hand International
– UK –
This not-for-profit client wanted to present their annual program strategy and goals in a meaningful way, and in keeping with their branding.

– USA –
The challenge was not only to present the features of this perfect golf development but also its prime location in South Carolina. A detailed map at the end of the brochure, helped bring it all together.

–UK –
This client needed a professional document to provide background on their company and to explain their time-limited investment product. We incorporated lots of imagery to help break up the information.

–UK –
This client wanted to provide information about their services, and at the same time, provide a coupon as incentive for new customers to try various treatments. This was designed as a fold-out (down).

– UK –
This introductory document was designed specifically for an educational administrators’ conference. As a newcomer, the client needed to convey stability and confidence. We did this with careful selection of images and icons within a flexible, but formal layout.

– Canada –
This not-for-profit organization required a strategic plan document to make their case. After refining the logo, we combined Canadian university campus images with graphics and colours based on the Canadian flag.

– Switzerland –
This organization, in partnership with several other groups, wanted to develop a social media kit to help spread their message to young people around the world. Media cards were designed in conjunction with the brochure.

Reports and Manuals

ETS Customer Satisfaction Research
–Canada –
A market research firm required a highly visual report document for quarterly and annual reports for their municipal client. We took into consideration the need to build on the information in each new quarter.

The Retail Mutual
– UK –
This Mutual insurance company wanted to provide easy-to-access and useful information for small retailers – to both help prevent and address events to do with armed robbery.

Fire & Rescue Indemnity Company
– UK –
This is visual guide to present information about how to manage risk for emergency vehicle drivers. The challenge was to design the manual in a way that would present statistics and legal and safety information and bring it to life.

– Canada –
This organization needed a proxy review document to present data related to shareholder votes on corporate social responsibility, environmental and governance issues. The majority of the data was presented in thoughtfully-designed, consistent tables to allow for easy access and comparison.

– Switzerland –
This is a leadership training manual for young women. The tone is youthful and the pages are designed to  highlight information at a glance, allowing the user to enter into it with ease.

– Canada –
This organization engages with institutional investors to dialogue about corporate social responsibility, issues of the environment and workers’ rights. We designed an “At a Glance” section to succinctly highlight the year’s achievements.

Working remotely from Santiago, Chile

Working remotely from Santiago, Chile

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