Bertha Clark [studio]

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gurus, gods and golfers
Majestic Real Estate
This Spanish golf property development asked for a unique way to present itself. The solution came in the gurus, gods and golfers campaign conceptualisation and included complete control of copywriting, photography direction and ad and flyer design.
gurus, gods & golfers campaign images
Flyers and Ads images
Health and Beauty Themes
A few samples of ads and flyers for health and beauty products and services. Clients in Spain and the UK.
Various health and beauty related ads and flyers
Ad image3
Ibex Insurance
Ibex Insurance Gibraltar wanted concepts for full page magazine ads to make the point that they spoke English and that they provided broad coverage.
Ad concepts for Ibex Insurance
Ad image4
Property Developments Ads
Ads for various Spanish-based property development and one ad for a travel company promotion.
Advertisement design for magazines
Nutritionist leaflet
Flyer for Nutritionist
A nutritionist startup in Gibraltar needed a logo and a print brochure to promote both herself and healthy food choices. Added to this was a landing page and single A4 leaflet.
Nutritionist flyer and logo
Hotel Santo Cristo
Flyers and Postcards
These are samples of a bifold flyer for a real estate firm in Spain, a postcard for a USA property developer, and a postcard for a USA healthy meals company.
Flyers and postcard images