Bertha Clark [studio]

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Candela Lumen image
Candela Lumen
This USA manufacturer of premium soy candles wanted a brochure/sell-sheet for business-to-business clients. The challenge was to incorporate elegant images and descriptions to present product options. The result was a dynamic cover image with a gate-fold, opening to reveal details and various carefully selected images that reflect both the natural quality of the product and possibilities for partnerhip.
Island Green brochures
Island Green image
Island Green
This USA property developer wanted to re-brand their print material and produce e-brochures. print brochures and folders that would represent their beautiful golf property development. The result was a fresh, light look with lifestyle and location photos integrated with computer generated images and an area map, offering a broad overview of the development. Also included in the project were technical specification inserts with illustrated site and floor plans and investment documents for online distribution.
Island Green brochures
LVP logo
The Reef Club
This Brazilian property development planned to integrate its resort into the beautiful northeastern coastal landscape in an environmentally-conscious manner. They needed branding and print materials, the elements of which would be carried over to a website. The result was an oversized foldout brochure with inserts that include site and floor plan illustrations and sales and investment documents for online distribution, as well as oversized panels for billboards in exhibition halls and exhibitions themselves.
The Reef Club, Brazilian property development print design
La Manga Beach Club brochure image
La Manga Beach Club
This property development in southeastern Spain wanted to brand itself using art deco elements. The logo needed to be flexible for adaptation on everything from signage at the top of the buildings to the website. Major projects included two foldout brochures, print advertisements, billboards, sales office and site branding interactive area maps, site plans and floor plans and sales and investment documents.
Brochure design for La Manga Beach Club
Villa del 'Olivara logo
This Spanish electronics engineering firm wanted to re-brand itself, starting with product inserts and a corporate folder. The client provided several photos that needed to be brought to life with some creative retouching. The result was careful placement of these photos and text (in two languages) on a dynamic background that reflected their expertise. Sister logos were created for each division of the company. Elements from these were then carried over to PowerPoint presentations.
Brochure and insert design, Sogecam
Hotel Santo Cristo
Hotel Santo Cristo
The owner of a building in Marbella's old town wanted to re-purpose it as a boutique hotel. A logo was designed to reflect the building's religious history and to suggest its modern role. A small brochure with centre page fold-outs was designed to include old-town and coastal imagery. Floor plan illustrations and computer generated images were integrated into the layouts to provide a complete picture of the project.
Hotel Santo Cristo foldout brochure